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This is a partial list of Dot-Dot.com clients.

Business to Consumer Business to Business

1701 Media
Do it Yourself Pest Control
Do It Yourself Termite Control
Douglas & Harper
Event Café
Finn & Company Real Estate
Georgia State Parks
Kelly Blackburn Enterprises
KTM Roofing
Ladder to the Moon
Neel Gagan
Potosi Hot Springs Resort
Power Realty
Regal Properties
Rio Piedra Plantation
Sandy Jackson Associates
Sparkle Auto
Surprise Parties
Treasure Coast Boating
The Cashmere Company
The White House Historical Association
Two Lamps Guild
U.S. Kids Golf
W.G. Adams Corporation
Woodhams Eye Clinic
Woodstock Bikes

Accuitive Medical Ventures
Coding Strategies
Corporate Performance Strategies
Electric Service Company
Georgia Lathing & Plastering Contractors Association
Knowledge Storm
Lab Depot
Lassiter & Associates
LOC Scientific
LP Wireless
Media Alchemy
Michael N. King & Associates
Midwest Telephone Supply
National Material Handling Products
SoftPro Technologies
Surgimed Services
The Allasso Foundation
The White House Historical Association
William Goldberg & Company

Becky Barnett, the President of Dot-Dot.Com, is simply wonderful. I've worked with her in two different capacities - as a copywriter and by hiring Becky for my search engine optimization. I also team with her on a number of independent projects, so I've received a lot of feedback about her from other people.
First off, she is extremely knowledgeable - but she also fully believes in knowledge transfer. She won't tell you to do something "just cause" - and she'll clearly explain the rationale and research behind every recommendation. As you've probably figured out, that's rare with Internet Marketing folks....
Secondly, she is extremely consciousness and deadline-oriented. I've worked her with some tight, near-impossible deadlines - and she's always come through.
Third, I've heard remarkable feedback about her services from other clients. According to her clients, she has successfully and profitably promoted their online presence.
And last - she's just a great person. It's truly a delight to work with her in all capacities - and I hold her professionalism and integrity in the highest regard.
As for her fees - I know they're reasonable. And, at least with me, she's paid for herself a few times over. 

Heather Lloyd-Martin




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