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Dot-Dot.comís social media marketing services will expand your online presence and help you reach your marketing goals faster! Other social media benefits include the opportunity to improve your search engine ranking, interact with your customers and prospects, increase your Web traffic, and enhance your brand.

Become an active user of social media and search engines will take notice. Activity on social media sites and links back to your site Web site are being measured by all of the major search engines and are an important ingredient when your site is scored to determine your ranking.

Social Media Plan Development
To keep your material fresh and social connections interested, Dot-Dot.com will identify monthly topics and create a content plan and message calendar that provides a roadmap to ensure everything works together and that your message is consistent across your media.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Set-Up and Management
Includes account set-up, customization, company profile development, image uploads, and Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and LinkedIn group participation. Choose between basic and premium packages with the premium package increasing your activity level.

Profile Consolidation
Manage all of your social media accounts in one place.

Enhance your social media benefits with a blog, email marketing and / or social media monitoring and responding. Read more about Dot-Dot.comís social media marketing services or contact us.



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